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27.7. - 23.8.2015

FRI 31.7.


La not(t)e di motosega

concert / Peter Kutin (AT)

Peter Kutin works with sound. His compositions are often pluridisciplinary (e.g. Dekomposition I-III) and characterized strongly by the notion of the phenomenology of perception. They connect sound with image, light or film. Countless compositional and sound-ethnological projects and cooperations with directors in the field of film and theater, video artists, investigative journalists as well as radio and broadcasters on an international level. With musicians from the surroundings of Spiegelfabrik Studios he founded the Label Ventil, which doesn't recognize the borders between popular and classical music, as set by the culture industry. With his bands Shrack and Ventil he runs two of the musically freshest projects in the Viennese underground.
ranken, raunen, sprießen
geomantical expedition in Wangen / Lady Gaia & Baumuel (DE)
in german language

A hiking tour which explains geomantical tools and opens a different view on features of the landscape.

Sylvia Michalke aka Lady Gaia works as a therapist (masseuse & diverse projects in connection with body work), lecturer, geomant and feng-shui consultant. Additional skills in Western astrology, Bazi Suanming, room consultations according to horoscope and oracle.

Manuel Schwiers aka Baumuel is a cultural scientist specialized in music, sound studies (experimental listening methods), music, geomant and feng-shui consultant with high affinity for the flora (especially as indicators for geomantic phenomena), landscapes and local powers.
The dark side of Botany
Performance, Bar-Installation / Uschi Geller Experience (DE)

Ethereal meets high proof. Small explorations into psychoactive in-between-worlds on the footsteps of the Devas. Spontaneous informations about people's eroticism and fauna or an inspiring discussion about the Veriditas and instructions for plants meditation. In addition, individual immersion into the subtle communication through phytohormones and other magic potions.

Since 2013, the feel-good collective Uschi Geller Experience shares magical moments with the rest of the world. Through fictional social settings Uschi accompanies visitors through different awareness-spheres on the way to a joint trip. The performances sample and deconstruct ritual techniques, knowledge and skills of various kinds and origins: the research of Wilhelm Reich on orgone energy, the psychedelic movement, shamanistic practices, witchcraft, queer ecology (such as the Ecosex-movement or dendrophilia) and many more.

DJ PMS, DJ Amrita

Anarchy / Das A und das O
(das um als das auf)
evening with and about anarchy by Martin Hanni and Jörg Zemmler (IT)

Until Martin Hanni (*1975) graduated in history at the University of Innsbruck, he was active as freelance punk rock singer, geometrist and archeological staff. Then he worked for Innsbruck's street newspaper "20er", the university journal "Skolast", the "Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung", the weekly newspaper "FF" and for publications of the Südtiroler Landesarchiv. Currently, he is active as a tv-editor for the local series "Kulturzeit" and "Minet"- the minority magazine, as well as author of several film documentaries.

Jörg Zemmler (*1975), raised in Siusi al Sciliar, managed Handelsoberschule H. Kunter, finished the studies of political sciences, then to Vienna. Writes (short) prose, poetry, inbetween and about. Also a lot of music, pop related things, English and German, also Italian. Furthermore, sound poetry. Videos. Poetry slam, electro-acousticals and noise. Sonorized poems, rewrote Romeo and Juliet. Also, choral music. Performances, installations, painted objects. Publications since 2001, officially. Literary journals, anthologies, books, CDs and vinyl.

Unter Schlagen
concert / Stanley Messer (AT)


Katzen-Brunch mit Kater
breakfast on the terrace


Ausverkauf Europa / Europe for sale
documentary (2014) / Andreas Pichler (IT)
afterwards - discussion with the director

Das Ende des Liedes
concert / Stanley Messer (AT)

Stanley Messer (1984), is playing guitar and is a singer- and songwriter and drummer. He composes and arranges (lately for the theater piece "sweet lies" from the group Toxic Dreams) and improvises. He's co-founder and part of the groups: Shrack!, The Gore Gore Boys, Loose Lips Sink Ships, le Cowboy, Slon, Tupolev. His second album "This is fear" is coming out soon.

Die Muscheln an Land tragen
Exhibition opening at the farm

Elisa Bergmann (IT), bolwerK (BE), Saul Judd (BRA/DE), Hubert Kostner (IT), Saori Kuno (JP/BE), Cornelia Lochmann (IT), Isabel Tesfazghi (DE/BE), Uschi Geller Experience (DE), Simon Steinhauser (AT), Margareth Kaserer (IT)

Elisa Bergmann (*1990, Bolzano) studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In Hotel Amazonas she proposes a critical and playful approach to the debates about our digital present - which is testing the utopian potential in form of a video game of our liquid modern world. She has shown her work in Vienna, Bolzano (Museion Passage), Hamburg (Plan) and Brunico (Prawneg & Wolf).
Marthe Van Dessel is an activist and performer who creates interfaces, devices & protocols to instigate our urban and institutional hardware. She engages in the administrative, cultural, political dimension of personal and collective identities. By triggering intersubjective alliances she confronts the 'self & other' to the commons, co-authorship and the redistribution into the public domain.

SAUL JUDD (BRA/DE), independent curator, is since 2010 responsible for the video art and the Int'l. shorts section at LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International. He conceived exhibitions with well-known artists such as Keren Cytter and Mike Bouchet in the context of the festival until he created the official LICHTER Art Award in 2011. One of his latest projects is BLANK SLATE, a publication about contemporary art, architecture and design. Judd lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Shifts, developmental processes and transformations play a central role in the artistic work of Hubert Kostner (*1971). Materials and objects coming from the immediate environment of the artist are released from their conventional context and thus become re-readable. His sharp-witted and individual perspective counters the quotidian with the weapons of a matter-of-fact subtlety. Kostner's works, however, stay remote from accusation and rather move in the area of a not necessarily conciliatory irony. Essentially, the point of his works is also to debunk the original meanings and actual reality behind an idealistic world view and adjust our visions of the world.
Text: C. Klammer / Übersetzung: Hotel Amazonas

Saori Kuno (Japan, *1983) works on the transduction of materials and situations by using simple strategies of the system and formats for everyday practices, aesthetics and values. Her series of objects and installations are composed by simple materials, industrially produced parts and products which are submitted to reproducible processes with integrative meanings to reflect upon. Her works have been exhibited at
Text: O. Rynell Cash / Übersetzung: Hotel Amazonas

In order to capture conditions on canvas or paper, Cornelia Lochmann (*1985) selects, almost like an archaeologist, from a spiritually emotional store of experiences, observations and, not least, internalized tales and literature. From this she creates and remixes episodes in which unadorned archetypes play the leading roles on the stage of the unruly: violence, eroticism, war, seduction, power and submissiveness are mixed into bizarre scenes in front of what are often space-less, dream-like backdrops.

Isabel Tesfazghi (*1985) is from Düsseldorf, and studied textile design at the Academy in Maastricht. During her time there she discovered the enormous artistic freedom within this discipline. Following internships in London with Hussein Chalayan and in Antwerp with Hilde Frunt, who sculpt using knitwear, she took a masters course in sculpture at KASK in Antwerp. Here she learned techniques to create more sculptural, three-dimensional works using textile. Isabel Tesfazghi combines many elements to create a whole, using video, sound, light, performance and sculpture. Her installations question technological evolutions within our society. Her audience is challenged not just to look, but also to actively feel and to experience.

Simon Steinhauser, born 1979 in Lienz, Austria, lives and works mostly in Vienna. 1994-1997 education as joiner, near Lienz. 2003-2015 studying architecture, technical university Vienna. Since 2010 studying international developement, university Vienna. 2006 founding of the performance-collective God's Entertainment. Since 2006 international works in different formats for God's Entertainmet, Super Nase & Co and others. (some performances/exhibitions listed: Galerie ve.sch Wien, Wiener Festwochen, Hebbel am Ufertheater Berlin, brut-Wien, Gessnerallee Zürich, Stanica-Zilina, Bauhaus Dessau, Liverpoolbiennial, divus-unit London/Prag, Zeitgeist Festival Washington DC, etc. etc.)

Margareth Kaserer is an artist, writer and neo-farmer with an affinity for gardens, performance art, experimental set-ups and queer culture. She is a founder of Hotel Amazonas, an artist residency and festival in the mountains of North Italy, and of Planète Concrète.
opening hours / 15. + 16.08.2015 / 2 - 8 pm

Die Muscheln ins Dorf tragen
Vernissage in Via Rosmini 47, Bolzano
opening hours / 22.-23.08.2015 / 2 - 7pm